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Project Developer
Energy-Carbon-Environmental Management

Thomas Breheny

Project Commercial Development

Thomas has  30 years Power and Energy, he has wide experience in commercial and technical management of power generation projects. Thomas has managed the business development of HEL-East Ltd, and has initiated projects across the UK in Biomass, Wind, Renewables, Waste and CMM.  Key experience area – commercial/technical project feasibility modelling.

Neil Butler

Design Engineer and Project Technical Development

Power Generation and Process Engineer, 21 years of experience in energy projects, renewables, CMM (coal mine methane) utilisation / destruction, and VAM (ventilation air methane) destruction. Neil has extensive operational experience in designing, developing and managing power generation plant. Responsible for over 60MWe of CMM and AMM power generation project development.  Key experience area – power station design, project management, procurement, process safety design, fuel resource assessment

Dr Simon Crook


Simon has 20 years’ experience of the commercial development of technologies, products and projects, the last ten focussed on the renewables/cleantech sector. Before working with HEL-East, Simon was Head of Clean Technology at Gazprom Marketing & Trading. Simon has also worked in Corporate Finance at Grant Thornton, as well as at ExxonMobil and Nestlé. His core skills are in the commercial and financial evaluation of opportunities, as well as the securing and structuring of project finance.