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Project Developer
Energy-Carbon-Environmental Management

Our team have over 35 years of experience in power plant and heat generation operations management with a wide range of prime movers including gas turbines in CCGT, steam turbo generators, gas engines in simple cycle and in CHP, boilers for hot water and steam. We are focussed on systems using unconventional fuels, or complex power plant integrated with industrial processes in the range from 250kWe to 50MWe.

We can provide asset management and plant optimisation services for power plant and fuel handling processes, with the ability to be flexible around business model arrangements.

We understand the detail of administrative, regulatory, HSE, contract, personnel and security management, and the importance of these elements to ensuring that plant is commercially optimised and run at maximum availability.

A wide range of specialist minor sub-contract arrangements are required for power plant operations over and above specialist operation and maintenance. We understand the technical inputs to each of these contract arrangements and have an established network of providers.

In terms of PPA and fuel supply arrangements, we have managed individual PPA contracts with a value of more than £30MM per annum, and fuel supply agreements individually up to £5MM each per annum. We are able to manage and negotiate PPA contracts either into the major suppliers or power aggregators.

Our background in technology design, power plant design, development, construction and operation provide us with both depth and breadth of knowledge and experience. We are regularly instructed by Clients to work on recovery plans for power plant and process plant in a technically distressed condition, where the plant is either operating below expectation, or has stopped operation. Our practical experience in design and operations enables us to provide cost effective solutions for getting maximise return from under-performing assets.

We carry out this type of work in the UK, China and the Netherlands.

Generation and Fuel Processing Asset Management