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Project Developer
Energy-Carbon-Environmental Management

HEL-East was established to provide project development, design and Consultancy services to Clients in a wide range of fields. We prefer to work in partnership with selected Clients, where we can share the risk as well as the reward in any task.

The HEL-East team was originally formed from within UK Coal  PLC to maximise the organisation’s use of its waste and  renewable resources for revenue generation. Personnel were  selected from the power generation and process industry and  from within the UK coal mining industry for their specialist  experience in coal mining safety, mine ventilation and gas  drainage.

This combination of both energy utilisation specialists and coal mine ventilation / gas drainage specialists led to rapid success in the development and execution of power generation projects.

The team were successful in applying the first Carbon Emission Cap and Trade scheme in the world. The UK ETS, we developed and gained funding for the first coal mine methane carbon abatement scheme in the world, the Engineers designed, developed, installed and operated coal mine methane utilisation plant and enclosed gas destruction flares to reduce emissions to atmosphere by over 2.4 million tonnes CO2 over 5 years.

Existing high efficiency reciprocating gas generator sets formed the base for the utilisation, the equipment was modified and optimised specifically to cope with the high dirt and water loading in the fuel gas, and to allow the equipment to continue to operate despite rapid fluctuations in quality, pressure and flow.

Our History:

HEL-East Ltd – Project development history: