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Project Developer
Energy-Carbon-Environmental Management

July 2012:

21 November 2012 – HEL-East forms a partnership with Millennium Generation and Calix to develop and install a 3MWe CCS demonstration project near Stainforth, Doncaster UK. The project will commence installation during 2013 using the Calix Endex carbon capture technology. The technology development will be supported by a £5.8MM grant from DECC.

15 November 2012 – HEL-East is appointed to carry out CMM technical due diligence and design advisory work for its coal mine methane power generation facilities in the UK. The work involves technical assessment and re-design/pre-procurement of gas extraction and processing facilities, gas resource assessment and advisory activities on process safety.

22 September 2012 – HEL-East has concluded a Pre-Feasibility study into coal mine methane power generation at 6 coal mines in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The study concluded that there would be an extremely viable investment case for a significant power project, using waste gasses, generating power and heat, and mitigating very large quantities of greenhouse gasses per annum.

30 August 2012 – HEL-East carried out a Pre-FEED study for VAM to power at three coal mines in Turkey. The technology developed was using three existing and mature systems, linked together to produce electricity and mitigate huge quantities of greenhouse gasses in the form of Ventilation Air Methane. The study demonstrated that by using low technology systems, cost effective power generation from this wasted resource is commercially viable.

12 December 2011 – HEL-East worked with INTMA and ArcelorMittal in Karaganda, Republic of Kazakhstan on the first coal mine methane power generation plant in the country. HEL-East has worked with ArcelorMittal for more than 4 years on a wide variety of safety, gas resource, technology and development projects. This project used a 1.4MWe high efficiency reciprocating gas engine to produce electrical power for the mine to displace network supplies.

20 June 2011 – HEL-East is appointed to carry out technical due diligence on technology and execution risk associated with a biomass torrefaction plant in the EU. The review included high level technology review, project risk analysis, cost projects analysis and a site health and safety review (including consideration of HAZOP study and ATEX design).

14 March 2011 – HEL-East has carried out the technology development, design, manufacturing, project development, site installation and commissioning for a 90,000 Nm3/hr ventilation air methane (VAM) destruction unit at Hatfield Colliery in Stainforth, UK. The unit is the first full scale VAM destruction unit to be deployed in the UK and has been tested to achieve self-sustaining operation with methane concentrations as low as 0.18% CH4. Coal mines worldwide emit huge quantities of methane to atmosphere, with more than 70% of these being through the ventilation system at extremely low concentrations. This technology has the potential to reduce greenhouse gasses in the Peoples Republic of China by more than 100 MMtpa CO2e.